Automatic Inline Capper for Laundry Pour Back Caps

PackWest cappers and retorquers are designed for home care products including laundry detergent, household cleaners and more. Our home care and laundry detergent cappers are designed to accommodate container sizes up to 15" tall and 9.9" wide, which includes most detergents with laundry pour caps and large cleaner bottles. The home care capping equipment can reach speeds up to 200 containers per minute.

At PackWest, our expertise lies in developing inline bottle cappers and inline bottle capping systems capable of efficiently servicing a wide array of industries. Our systems, designed to handle either both screw-on or and snap-on cap types and sizes, can achieve operational speeds tailored to specific industry needs—ranging up to 250200 containers per minute for home care products to our peak capability of 300 containers per minute for other sectors. This range demonstrates our machinery's flexibility and our commitment to meeting diverse production demands with precision and reliability.

Our inline bottle cappers are particularly adept at addressing the needs of the home care industry, handling large containers up to 15" tall and 9.9" wide. Designed for both speed and adaptability, these systems ensure that every container, from laundry detergent to household cleaners, is capped efficiently and accurately. The Automatic 8 Quill Inline Capper stands out for its versatility, offering rapid, precise capping for screw-on closures, with easily adjustable features to fit a variety of container sizes and shapes.

Each PackWest inline bottle capping system is built on a robust 304 Stainless Steel frame and controlled by an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC, facilitating ease of use and reliability. We’ve streamlined the changeover process between formats to enhance production flexibility, while safety features like our cap area enclosures integrated safety features within our cap area enclosures ensure operational safety. Our machinery is designed to support up to 40 recipes, accommodating a wide range of cap sizes, shapes, and styles, underlining our dedication to innovation and excellence in inline bottle capping.