Automatic 8 Quill Inline Cappers

PackWest designs, manufactures and supports inline spindle capping and retorquing systems for screw-on closures and inline capping machines for snap-on caps. We are a team of dedicated specialists focused solely on integrated inline capping systems with over 1,500 inline capping systems operating in twenty-five countries around the world.

Automatic 8-quill inline cappers from PackWest are ideal for screw-on closures. Working at high speeds, this inline capper is designed to create maximum efficiency while achieving precision in each application.

Used for screw-on closures, this 8-quill inline capping machine has versatile adjustment capabilities to fit additional container sizes and shapes. Features on these machines include ease of operation and changeovers as well as versatility for use in a wide range of industries, including personal care, household cleaning, laundry, food, automotive, and industrial chemical products.