Inline Cappers & Retorquers

PackWest designs, manufactures and supports inline spindle capping and retorquing systems for screw-on closures and inline capping systems for snap-on caps. We are a team of dedicated specialists focused solely on integrated inline capping systems with over 1,500 inline capping systems operating in twenty-five countries around the world. Our systems accommodate a wide range of container sizes, shapes and types as well as a wide range of cap types and styles. They are widely used in the personal care, household cleaning, laundry, automotive, food and industrial chemical product categories.

Every PackWest inline capping system is designed and configured for each customer’s specific application, requirements, line layout and site constraints. When supplied as integrated capping systems, PackWest components offer unmatched performance because they are designed and configured to work seamlessly together to deliver the required results.

PackWest inline screw-on spindle capping systems accommodate a wide range of container sizes and shapes as well as a wide range of cap types and styles.

PackWest inline snap-on and press-in capping systems are budget friendly, are easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain compared to rotary capping systems.

PackWest inline spindle retorquers are a cost-effective way to guarantee that screw-on caps are tightly and securely sealed to containers.