Cap Sorting Equipment

PackWest designs, manufactures and supports inline capping systems for both screw-on and snap-on closures, accommodating a wide range of container sizes, shapes and types as well as a wide range of cap types and styles.

PackWest inline spindle screw-on and inline snap-on capping systems are available with waterfall or rotary disk cap sorting systems. These two proven and dependable cap sorting technologies make it possible for our application engineers to select and configure the sorting system best suited to each customer’s specific applications, requirements, line layout and site constraints.

PackWest waterfall cap handling and sorting systems are ideal for screw-on caps whose width is greater than their height.

PackWest rotary disk cap sorting systems offer unmatched flexibility. They are ideal for for screw-on caps whose height is greater than their width and screw-on or snap-on caps with flip-lids, squeeze spouts or other consumer convenience features.