Packaging Digest, Pack West Provides Saltworks Capping Success

August 22nd, 2013


  • Multiple sorter bin sizes for operating speeds up to 400 CPM
  • Supports sorting of cap sizes up to 70mm
  • Quick-change cap sorting rings for multiple sizes and styles
  • Option to Integrate with Pack West Cap Elevator

Excerpt from Packaging Digest article, April 2012 – “Sealed for Success.”

Capping Success

“The filled jars are conveyed to an 8-quill in-line capper from Pack West Machinery Inc. The flip-top caps for the jars are loaded into a floor hopper and a vertical elevator lifts the caps.

Horizontal rails are sized and slanted so that caps with the open side facing inward fall back into the feed hopper. Only caps with the open side facing outward are raised all of the way to the top. A sensor on the elevator detects caps without liners and caps with open flip tops and rejects them.

At the top of the elevator, the caps discharge down through vertical orienting and spacing wheels onto a track that carries them down to the application point in the capper. Jars entering the capper pick a cap from the discharge “shoe” at the bottom of the cap track and pass four pairs of horizontal rotating rubber wheels that tighten the caps to the set torque.

In a motion that mimics the way a person applies a cap to a jar, the first set of wheels rotates backwards in order to seat the cap in the threads on the jar. The second set of wheels tightens the cap most of the way, and the third set of wheels finishes the tightening. The fourth set of wheels is a fail-safe in case the cap has not been completely tightened.

A sensor at the outlet of the capper checks that the caps have been applied properly.”

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About Pack West Machinery

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